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Make Your Own
Slime Party

Who doesn't love slime? This package allows your guests to make their own slime from scratch as an awesome party favor. This package is one our fan favorites! We bring all of the ingredients and supplies to help the kids make the perfect slime.


These supplies include table cloths, all of the slime ingredients, decorations, cleaning wipes, storage containers, and t-shirts/smocks to prevent children from getting messy.


Each slime will be customized to any color they want. They also have the option to add beads, foam balls, glitter, and so much more to their slimes! Children are provided with a container to make sure they take their slime home clean and safe.


This party package ranges from 1-2 hours depending on the number of children. It comes with 2 party hosts, 1 slime per child, and glitter tattoos.

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